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Comic Market 53 (Comike) has started! Many amateur and professional cartoonists gather in Ariake Big Site (Tokyo International Exhibition hall), and a HUGE number of otakus (about 100,000 in a day!) go there and buy a mountains of doujinshis (coterie magazine). This is the biggest event for Japanese otakus!
(Dec.28, 1997)
TV Tokyo gave up making a provisional standard. It means Poket Monsters will be suspended till March 1998(;_;)ohmygod! The president of TV Tokyo attended at telecommunication committee of the House of Representatives. He explained and apologized about this trouble.
(Dec.24, 1997)
Pocket Monsters wasn't aired today. Instead of Pokemon, TV Tokyo broadcasted King of Classroom, Yamazaki today. Of course, it's just a substitute. Conclusion of investigating team will be given in March 1998 or later, so TV Tokyo is considering a provisional standard to restart Pocket Monsters. I wish to watch next episode soon !
(Dec.23, 1997)
Master Mosquiton was a vampire of reason, but he lost control of himself at last. He was in a pinch, so he had to drink Inaho's blood to get over the crisis. And then, Mosquiton's eyes changed to red, and he became a devil. How will Inaho make him sane ?
(Dec.22, 1997)
NHK announced that a few children had fallen ill after watching Reliable Space Travel by YAT and the cause of this case might be the same as Pocket Monsters case. The number of patients were so few that they couldn't prove the relationship of cause and effect then. NHK, TV-TOKYO, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare will make investigation teams for these problems.
(Dec.20, 1997)
A notice is displayed at the beginning of Girls Revolution Utena. "Please do not watch a tape of Pocket Monsters #38." By the way, the final episode of Utena is on next Wednesday. Will Utena be a princess, or a prince? The final duel which is named "revolution" will decide it. Under the collapse of upside-down castle, the battle started !!!
(Dec.19, 1997)
Flicker TV Tokyo decided to suspend airing Pocket Monsters(Pokemon) in this year. A special program of this anime was planned on the end of this year, but it may be canceled, too. By the way, please take care. Pocket Monster Episode #38 ("Dennou Senshi Porigon" : "Computer Fighter Polygon") is dangerous! If you can get the tape of this episode, you'd better stop watching (Please see the left picture. Red screen and blue screen were displayed alternately and very quickly. This is the cause of this case). Of course, the posibility of getting sick is quite low, but I can't guarantee your safety.
(Dec.18, 1997)
An unbelievable accident happened. More than 560 children who watched Pocket Monsters tumbled and they were carried to hospital. A girl was in serious condition temporary. Specialists say this bizarre case was caused by flicker screen.
I watched the episode but I didn't feel anything (^_^;
(Dec.17, 1997)

New animes in January 1998.
El Hazard The Different Dimension World
A sequel of El Hazard The Magnificent World. Meeze retired from a professional life at last, but who will succeed her in her post?
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Nuku-Nuku is an android who has cat's brain. This is a funny story around her. (C)Yuzo Takada
You're Great! Masaru
Masaru is a master of "Sexy Commando". This is a combative sport whose point is to take advantage of an unguarded moment. Masaru and his friends fight with many rivals ???? (C)Kyosuke Usuta
Outlaw Star
This is a story of space pirates and outlaws. The hero of this story, Gene, is an outlaw, but he is not strong now.
Vifam 13
A sequel of Vifam. The theme of this series is child care ???
SF action. A programmer who had a top secret of United Earth Force disappered. A special team to search for him was made.
Burn-up Excess
Rio is a policewoman, but also a hired killer. She kills a criminal whom law can't punish.
(Dec.16, 1997)
New heroes appeared on GGG. They are strong and reliable allies of GaoGaiGar and their names are Genryujin and Kyoryujin.
Hyoryu(Ice Dragon), Enryu(Fire Dragon), Rairyu(Thunder Dragon) and Furyu(Wind Dragon) are uniting robot. The original systems are the following.
Hyoryu and Enryu came back from the space and joined Rairyu and Furyu, so these new pattern became possible. They didn't have systems to unite, but they could.
(Dec.12, 1997)
The worst cracker who used VIRUS was arrested, but the battle of STAND has not finished yet. STAND began to be opposed to HIVE (upper committee of Zahinell), and a battle between them was inevitable. Then, the incubater (mysterious existance over the sky) started invading to Zainell. The story is coming to an end !
(Dec.10, 1997)
Rurouni Kenshin is in "Shimabara series" now (This series is an anime original story). Shimabara is the place that the biggest Cristian rebellion occured in Japan (This is true). The enemy of this series, Amakusa,Shogo, is descended from the leader of the rebellion in Shimabara. And he uses Kenshin's sordmanship, "Hiten-Mitsurugi-ryu". Everyone says Shogo is stronger than Kenshin, but isn't it strange that a Christian is stronger than a swordman? I have no idea(^_^;
By the way, do you know that Kenshin had a wife?
(Dec.4, 1997)
Dreamy Kingdom Crayon is just an anime for children, but princess Silver is so pretty that many otakus began to notice. If you like children's animes like Akazukin Cha-cha, check it !
(Nov.30, 1997)
Gokou and Dragon Ball went to another world, but Arare-chan and Dr.SLUMP came back! Senbei(Dr.SLUMP) tried to make a stacked housekeeper robot, but a lightning struck his house, and the robot became a very strong android girl. Needless to say, this is Arare-chan! (^^) (Of course, you know of her, don't you ?)
(Nov.26, 1997)
Ichino-chan left the South Pole training school, and Akari-chan (one of Battle Athletess) became alone, but the graduation examination (triathlon) has just started. Can Akari-chan go on to the university satellite without her best friend ??? Gambare!
(Nov.25, 1997)
Japan team won and they went to the final selection. Oh, this is NOT a news of soccer, but a news of mini-4WD. Lets and Go and other team-mates ran as they like, and their team, "VICTORIES", overcame rivals' mini-4WDs. And now, the final selection has started. Who will win the World Grand Prix ?
(Nov.17, 1997)
"The spell of return" was split into a large number of fragments on the last episode of Those Who Hunt Elves. The number was clearfied by Judge. He said the spell was divided into 1,024 parts(^_^; . How many episodes are there in Those Who Hunt Elves II ???
(Nov.11, 1997)
The Legend of Moby Dick was suspended at last! NHK gave up to continue broadcasting and they don't guarantee restarting of Moby Dick. Can we watch the conclusion of this story?
(Nov.8, 1997)
Cho-Ryu-Jin is missing in the space. He(?) is an old member of GGG, but he disappeared with an enemy on the battle around the earth. GaoGaiGar and other robots witnessed it, but they couldn't do anything. Will Cho-Ryu-Jin appear again someday ? (;_;)
(Nov.5, 1997)
The Princess Mononoke overcame E.T. "E.T." had number 1 record for its 9.6 billion yen's film rental in Japan, but Mononoke Hime passed this record on Oct.31.
(Nov.4, 1997)
There are two Dr.SLUMP events.
1. New Dr.SLUMP will start on Nov.26. Some characters change their fashion(^^)
2. Old Dr.SLUMP was broadcasted in North Korea. (Japanese Animes had never been broadcasted in this country. So this is the first case)
(Oct.29, 1997)
Coji Cojiis a very strange anime. This is based on the mange by Momoko Sakura who draws Chibi Maruko-chan. Her drawing is very poor (sorry (^^;) ), and her gag isn't so funny, but this manga is still funny. She might be a real genius.
(Oct.25, 1997)
A famous Japanese singer, Tomomi Nishimura, appeared on Children's Toy as a voice actress again. She is wellknown as otaqueen (otaku-queen) in the entertainment world. In this episode, her role was "Ayanohanamarukoji,Tomomi" (Ayanohanamarukoji is her last name. Can you remember this ? (^O^;) ), and she was a police-woman who tried to arrest Sana (^^). By the way, Tomomi got married on Sep.29. Congratulations!
(Oct.20, 1997)
There are two vampire animes in new animes on this autumn. They are Vampire Princess Miyu and Master Mosquiton '99 (double nine). However, the former is a horror romance, but the latter is a gag anime. So they are quite different. Which do you like ? (^^)
(Oct.15, 1997)
I think Mermanoid might become a good anime, too. However, there were only explanations on the first week. This was the same pattern as the legend of Moby Dick, so I'm worrying about schedule of making. (Needless to say, the most delayed anime in Japan is Moby Dick. it cannot be broadcasted once in two weeks or so. This might be worse than Neon Genesis Evangelion)
(Oct.12, 1997)
The task of midterm examination for Battle Athletess was "Roller Race". They had to run long distance with towing a condala (a big roller to flatten the ground). Akari-chan could not clear traps and obstacle at all, and she was the last in the race.
(Oct.5, 1997)
Those who hunt elves II started at last. Junpei's new phrase is "Hagitori Gomen !". This is very funny for us. The original phrase is "Kirisute Gomen". This means "Lisence to kill" for samurais in Edo Age. So "Hagitori Gomen" means "Lisence to take clothes off" (^O^) I don't know why this story isn't so etchi (^_^;
(Oct.4, 1997)
Reliable Space Travel by YAT finished last week, but the rerun of this program will start on next week at the SAME hour(!_!) This is a special treatment that I've never heard !
(Oct.1, 1997)
The last episode of Slayers TRY was quite excellent(^^)
However, a terrible picture was put on before a commercial break.... What do you think about "Sailor Garv" ? (--)
(Sep.29, 1997)
Dragon Ball GT was suspended at the climax of the story. Goku defeated seven evil dragons born of dragon balls, but Lone Star Dragon ate other six dragon balls and became the ultimate evil dragon man! This dragon man was so strong that even Super Saiya-jin 4 Goku couldn't overcome him !!!!!
However, I have to wait 4 weeks for next episode ...
(Sep.24, 1997)
Shadow Girls A-ko and B-ko came back to Girls Revolution Utena! They left the earth by UFO, but they came back because of engine stall.
Shadow girls A and B fans, don't miss episode #25 !
By the way, Himemiya became more monstrous than before (^_^;
(Sep.19, 1997)
"Combative Gamer Sakonji" appeared on "This is Police Box in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward (KOCHIKAME):Episode #54". He is a judo master, and he does every combative sports. Fighting games are his favorite, but he never play other games. One day, he found a game whose name was "Doki Doki Memorial" and there appeared a very pretty girl. He wanted to play it, but his pride interfared to borrow such a spineless game from Ryotsu. He succeeded to borrow it at last, and an unknown world was waiting for him...
(Sep.15, 1997)
I made a new anime table.
(Sep.15, 1997)
Additional ones, again
Beast Wars (Canadian Animation. Darwin-san, I appreciate your information!)
Nintama Rantarou
I'm Hanitarou

Oh, this autumn has too many animes!
(Sep.13, 1997)
Additional ones ...
Hang in there, Goemon ! (Gambare Goemon)
Dr.SLUMP (<-- Really ???)
Beast Wars
Vampire Miyu
(Sep.10, 1997)
Other new programs on this autumn.
Super Demoniac Heroes Story of Wataru (Chou Majin Eiyuuden Wataru)
Virus (Uirusu)
Battle Athletess (Dai Undoukai)
Coji Coji
Master Mosquiton
Fortune Quest L
(Sep.6, 1997)
Don't Leave Me Alone, Daisy reached the most interesting part.
Tekuno-kun realized at last that Daisy-chan is an invader from other planet. But he is satisfied that he was selected as a tool of Daisian. He is planning to conquer all over this planet for Daisy-chan.
Daisy-chan realized at last that Tekuno-kun is misunderstanding perfectly that she is an invader from other planet. Tekuno-kun's affection is all for an invader, not for her. She is afraid of losing his love when he notices that she is not an invader but a normal girl.
What will become of this strange couple ? (^^)
(Sep.3, 1997)
Those who hunt elves II will start on this autumn!
(Aug.30, 1997)
Miyuki-chan appeared on CLAMP Campus Detectives Episode #17. Miyuki-chan is a character of CLAMP world, too, and she was a client of detectives on this story.
(Aug.26, 1997)
The last program of the Prefer a Man to a Flower will be broadcasted on Aug.31. The next program is Dreamy Kingdom Crayon. (It has nothing to do with Crayon Shin-chan (^_^;) )
(Aug.24, 1997)
Battle between Cutey Honey and Misty Honey was concluded at last. What has become of the sisters? And what is the secret of Element Regulator? They will become clear next week !
(Aug.17, 1997)
The theme of Shin Tenchi-Muyo was COLLAPSE of Tenchi Family! Tenchi and Sakuya fell in love, and parasites of Tenchi family went away one after another. Will the story be a happy end or not?
(Aug.6, 1997)
Azumi Mamma Mia is a new sence anime. This program is broadcasted in a NEWSCAST. The newscast has 1 hour frame, and Azumi Mamma Mia is aired about 5 minutes. The most funny thing is that newscasters talk nothing about the anime after end and begin to telecast next news. That's very uncanny for me (^^;
(Aug.2, 1997)
I got a single CD of Pocket Monsters. This CD contains a commercial song of pocket monsters. All names of 151 pocket monsters are contained in lyrics of the song, but in fact, a monster's name is not contained. This song challenges listeners to find the rest monster. (I don't know who it is (;_;) )
(Aug.2, 1997)
Slayers TRY is in COMEDY SERIES now. Every series of Slayers has COMEDY SERIES, and this time is very funny, too(^^) A new character who looks like Ayanami,Rei (Evangelion) appears (CV:Lina Inverse), and she fell in love a young man who looks like Nagisa,Kaoru (CV:Zerros).
Moby Dick will not be broadcasted on August. Production of Moby Dick lags far behind broadcasting, so they can't provide anymore. NHK will broadcast summarizing an entire Moby Dick.
What's happen on Speed Racer? World Grand Prix series has finished, and next series became 'Back to the Future'. I didn't know Mach-5 could time-travel when its speed gains to 555km/h. Tatsunoko Production may be acused by Steven (^O^;
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