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At Fanime Con 2004, Hiroake Inoue stated that Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3 would see it's US release in winter 2004-2005. Also mentioned were plans for a new Pretty Samy series!
RadHaz / May.31,2004
TV Japan will begin airing the anime series Touch beginning April 2 2004. Touch is a baseball/romance story, and originally aired in 1985, and has 101 episodes.
RadHaz / Mar.30,2004
Heat Guy J has started airing on MTV 2. Witch Hunter Robin has started airing on Adult Swim Monday - Thursday or Friday??? at 12:00.
dai-chan [mail] / Feb.21,2004
Heat Guy J has started airing on MTV 2. Witch Hunter Robin has started airing on Adult Swim Monday - Thursday or Friday??? at 12:00.
dai-chan [mail] / Feb.21,2004
An anime seller, RightStuf, is offering a limited quantity of the Tenchi Muyo 10th Anniversary DVD Box Set. Needless to say, this is the ultimate Tenchi DVD set!
RadHaz / Feb.7,2004
Anime is getting bigger here, especially in California. The demand for anime is growing as I have seen from previous expos I've attended- in Pomona and Lancaster. I think the more people get to know anime they will be sure to love it.
eikichi [mail] / Oct.12,2003
By the time you read this news, the second unedited season of Sailor Moon will be available to the public. The entire 2nd season of Sailor Moon (the "R" season) is the original subtitled version shown in Japan. From what I have heard, only one episode was unavailable at the time of manufacture and release. However, it shouldn't take away from the enjoyment of this incredible and world famous anime. It's currently available on as well as other DVD store sites including . Check it out!!
Chaunce / Oct.9,2003
According to the SOS website (Save Our Sailors at ), ADV Films has acquired the rights and will be releasing the UNEDITED, Subtitled version of the 1st season of Sailor Moon on DVD in a box set on July 15th. For the first time since it aired in Japan, about 10 years ago, the public will see ALL of the episodes in its original uncut form, including the final 2 episodes that were edited into one episode. Many unanswered questions will be answered when you get this DVD Box Set. All of the information about this set and where to buy the set can be seen by accessing the above link. Most likely, ADV films will acquire the rest of the Sailor Moon series and will be made available very soon. Watch for more Sailor Moon info to come out of the SOS site real soon.
Chaunce / Jun.23,2003
Sonic The Hedgehog will make his 4th TV series appearance in the United States coming this fall in the new series, SONIC X. This anime is based on the Sonic Adventure games with Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and other friends as they battle Dr. Eggman and Shadow The Hedgehog. The Fox Network will air Sonic X and will join the other game-based anime, Kirby: Right Back At Ya'!, in the Fox Box line-up. Watch for more information on the Fox Box or go to to find out more on this popular upcoming anime from Japan.
Chaunce / Jun.23,2003
Another video game-based anime cartoon, Mega Man: NT Warrior, will be on the WB TV Network on Saturday Mornings, starting May 17th. This cartoon is based on the Game Boy Advance game, Mega Man Battle Network.
Chaunce / May.18,2003
A couple items of interest to those that follow licencing matters can be found in the preceding Anime Festival press reelase. Parasite Dolls is listed with Urban Vision, A Tree of Palme with Synch-Point/Digital Manga and Memories with Columbia.
Parasite Dolls, was co-produced by ADV Films, so it is a bit of a surprise to see Urban Vision's name included with the title instead of ADV's. But it's not a mistake, Urban Vision's Rhona Medina has confirmed that they are in fact licensing the Bubblegum Crisis spinoff. Unfortunately U.V. isn't prepared to divulge any release details yet.
However, according to AnimeonDVD, Synch Point has confirmed that they are not involved with the licensing of A Tree of Palme. The release may have erroneously listed Synch Point because it used to be a part of Digital Manga, suggesting that DM may be moving into the Anime Licensing business on its own.
Last of all, Memories is listed as coming from Columbia. While I have been able to confirm that Columbia / Sony does have Memories, we haven't been able to find out anything about their release plans yet.
Also worth considering, is the possibility that Crush Gear Nitro (or Crush Gear Turbo) has been licensed. While no North American company is listed with the release, the press release states that it is being presented dubbed in English. Being a Sunrise title, Bandai would be a good guess, but only a guess.
Shido Tatsuhiko [mail] / Apr.22,2003
ADV Films has announced they'll be releasing a special DVD BOX SET of their hit adventure and comedy series "Sorcerour Stabber Orphen" (Majutsushi Orphen), containing all 6 discs of the first season of the series. The release will be in april.
Recently Academy Award winner "Spirited Away" (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) will be re-released in theaters starting this friday, accourding to Buena Vista Home Video. Other sources say that "Spirited Away" will be at approximately 800 theaters!, let's see if that happens ^_^
Shido Tatsuhiko [mail] / Mar.25,2003
ENGLISH: Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) won the "best animated film feature" award, last night at the 75th Academy Awards. The movie produced by Studio Ghibli became the favorite of the Oscars over Disney's "Lilo & Stitch".
SPANISH: La película de Hayao Miyazaki "Spirited Away" (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) ganó el premio de "mejor filme animado" en la 75ta entrega de los premios de la Academia. La película producida por Estudio Ghibli se posicionó como la favorita sobre la película de Disney "Lilo y Stitch"
Shido Tatsuhiko [mail] / Mar.25,2003
Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) has won the Academy Award for best Animated Feature.
RadHaz / Mar.24,2003
Detective Conan is showing on the Yemen Satellite Channel.
RadHaz / Mar.23,2003
Newtype USA Issue Two should be release around this time.
RZetlin / Nov.25,2002
ADV has announced that they are setting up their own 24-hour anime channel called Anime Network! An anime fan's dream has come true!
RZetlin / Nov.10,2002
A friend of mine found this article online, but I'm afriad he isn't sure where it's from. Either way- it would belong here.
November 07, 2002 ADV Films has announced the creation of The Anime Network on digital cable, the first North American television channel dedicated exclusively to anime and anime-related content. ICv2 has learned that planning for the new network is quite far along; it could bow early in 2003, though no details are currently available concerning the cable companies that will carry the new channel or the geographical areas that they will serve.
Also unknown at this time is whether the new network will become part of cable's "basic package" or will require an additional fee from the subscribers. ICv2 has learned that at least during the launch phase, The Anime Network will feature only anime series from ADV Films. But given ADV's extensive catalog of titles, this is not much of a limitation at this time, particularly in view of the fact that ADV is seriously considering broadcasting new anime series such as RahXephon and Noir on The Anime Network even before these latest entries from Japan have appeared in the U.S. on DVD. As for series currently available from ADV on video, a number of the best including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gasaraki, Excel Saga, Daiguard, Getter Robo, and Gunsmith Cats are all likely candidates for early exposure.
Commenting on the new network, ADV Films CEO John Ledford stated: "Until now, the market and the culture haven't been ready for it. But ever-increasing numbers of Americans are becoming familiar with anime and its distinctive aesthetic: they're curious about anime, they're hungry for it, and The Anime Network is going to deliver it right to their televisions."
For retailers the launch of the new cable network could have major implications by exposing millions of viewers to anime fare that is more adult and more challenging than anything currently seen on Cartoon Network. While The Anime Network is likely to be less mass market-oriented than Cartoon Network (and be on fewer systems, at least at first), it should have a strong appeal to older demographics and prove to be a real boon for serious anime fans, helping to create many more American otaku -- and it will certainly fuel the continuing growth of both anime and manga here in the U.S.
Melissa / Nov.10,2002
TV Japan will show The Dog of Flanders with English subtitle on November 28, at 17:00 Pacific time.
RadHaz / Oct.30,2002
Serial Experiments Lain is now showing on PBS station KTEH. This is the English dub version, and it is not not edited.
RadHaz / Oct.14,2002
"Spirited Away" American opening weeekend boxoffice numbers are in. Spirited Away did $449,839 in gross reciepts this weekend at only 26 theaters across the nation. The film made an average of $17,302 per theatre. That makes it number 18 at the box office.
RZetlin / Sep.24,2002
The 2nd season of Medabots, the weekly anime cartoon, can now be seen on the ABC Family Channel on Saturdays. Check your local cable/satellite channel listing for time in your area. More Medabots, More Power!
Chaunce / Sep.24,2002
September 20, 2002 - "Spirited Away" opens (limited release) in the following cities:
Boston Chicago Los Angeles Minneapolis New York Philadelphia San Francisco Seattle Toronto Washington D.C.
RZetlin / Sep.22,2002
Great News on Digimon! As of September 9th, the 4th season of Digimon: Digital Monster (aka Digimon Frontier in Japan) has premiered and is in syndication. Digimon will be on Weekdays and Sundays in some areas. Check your local listing for time. Get ready to change into Digital Champions to save the Digital World!
Chaunce / Sep.16,2002
Good and Bad News: Good News - FoxKids will become FoxBox starting September 14trh. 4Kids Entertainment will take over the Saturday morning programming block on the Fox Network. 4Kids will bring over new anime shows like Fighting Foodon (food fighters....literally), Ultimate Muscle (intergalactic wrestlers defending the world), Stargate: Infinity (based on the movie and TV series, Stargate) and Kirby: Right Back At Ya! (from the people that brought you Pokemon). Also, after a long absence, Ultraman makes his return to US television in Ultraman Tiga. Bad News: To my knowledge and based on this information, there will not be a 2nd season of Medabots nor a 4th season of Digimon: Digital Monsters on Fox.
Chaunce / Sep.3,2002
Inu Yasha is now on cartoon network saturdays at 11 pm.
Carly / Sep.2,2002
Starting September 14th, FoxKids will bring another Nintendo game character to life on the small screen. KIRBY, the pink, round inhaling hero will make his debut as he goes up against his nemsis, King Dedede. Also, another incarnation of Ultraman will be on the same day. Both will be part of the FoxBox lineup. No word yet on whether or not there will be a 4th season of Digimon, but I'll keep you informed.
Chaunce / Aug.1,2002
Public Television station KTEH is currently airing the anime Multi Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku on Sunday nights at 21:30.
RadHaz / Jul.15,2002
Sailormoon came back on cartoon network Monday, June 3 starting from the first season.
Carly / Jun.4,2002
Not a report, exactly. (^^: But, here are some pics from FanimeCon 2002.
This is my second time being there, and I enjoyed it, except Matt K. Miller (the english voice of Tenchi Masaki) didn't show. Perhaps Trevor might know why? (^^;
RadHaz / May.4,2002
I have posted my FanimeCon 2002 con report up at if anyone is interested in seeing what the con was like from a staffer's point of view.
Trevor Menagh / May.2,2002
On March 12, 2002, Pioneer has announced it has the rights to Strawberry Eggs. The first volume of Strawberry Eggs will be released on August 13, 2002.
RZetlin / Mar.15,2002
The Cartoon Network has picked up the rights to the Anime Hamster Show called Hamtaro. The 52 episodes of Hamtaro will start airing in July.
RZetlin / Mar.13,2002
Lost Universe is now airing on TRT International (a Turkish satellite channel available in the USA). It is in dub format. I think the same seiyuu from Sailor Stars are involved in Lost Universe.
RadHaz / Feb.19,2002
Taco Bell has cease part of its Cardcaptors Toy promotion due to complaints that the toys were promoting Satanism.
About 100 complaints were filed to Taco Bell stating that the Clow Cards looked like Tarot Cards which are used in "occult practices."
Other Cardcaptor toys like "Li summons the glow" statue and the "Video viewer" are still offered at Taco Bell.

RZetlin / Feb.19,2002
ADV Films is planning to release the Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection boxset on 4/9/02 for $169.98 (American). The boxset will contain all 8 DVD volumes.
Fans who already have all 8 DVD volumes can still buy the boxset (without the DVDs) for $14.99.
RZetlin / Feb.2,2002
On February 23 2002, Cartoon Network launches ADULT SWIM ACTION. The block will air only on Saturday nights from 11 p.m.-2 a.m. (ET, PT). The programming line-up include:
* 11 p.m. Yu Yu Hakusho * 11:30 p.m. Cowboy Bebop * 12 a.m. Pilot Candidate * 12:30 a.m. Gundam 0083 * 1 a.m. Outlaw Star * 1:30 a.m. Tenchi Muyo!
RZetlin / Jan.28,2002
The Escaflowne movie and Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis have been released in selected movie theatres across North America on January 25, 2002.
Rzetlin / Jan.28,2002
The movie "Cowboy Bebop: Knockin` on Heaven`s Door" may already be licensed for American, but not to Bandai Entertainment, the American publishers of the smash "Cowboy Bebop" television series the movie is based on. Columbia/Tri-Star, who was involved in the Japanese release this film, may try to license it themselves for American release. Columbia/Tri-Star currently has the rights to "Metropolis" and they have stated that they would like to experiment with more anime. No official word on the subject has been received.
We can only hope that if this movie falls in Columbia/Tri-Star`s lap, that they get the cast and crew from Bandai Entertainment to work the same magic they weaved on the US release of the series.
Thomas Maverick / Nov.28,2001
Although no premiere date was ever listed or even announced, Zoids is now appearing on the Cartoon Network weekdays at 5 PM.
Samhain / Nov.8,2001
It is reported that the Cartoon Network has acquired the American broadcast rights to the Kijû Shinseiki Zoids anime TV series. The show will premiere on Monday, November 5th at 5:00 PM.
RZetlin / Oct.18,2001
By popular demand, FOX KIDS will bring back Mon Colle Knight to Saturday Mornings later this month. Mon Colle Knight premiered last July, but was left off of the FOX Saturday fall line-up. Watch for Mon Colle Knights along with Digimon: Digital Monsters and Transformers: Robots In Disguise starting Saturday, October 20, 2001.
Chaunce / Oct.9,2001
Recently, the Sony Metreon in San Francisco has added a new store to this great attraction. I believe the store is called Action Theatre. This place is full of anime merchandise, videos and DVDs and various other items. You can also see some anime while you shop for stuff. If you ever visit San Francisco, visit the Metreon and check out this new anime shop.
Chaunce / Oct.3,2001
The premiere of Yu-Gi-Oh has started airing on Kids WB on September 29, 2001.
RZetlin / Oct.2,2001
After removing Cowboy Bebop from last week, Cowboy Bebop is set to air again on the Cartoon Network.
According to reports, The Cowboy Bebop program was pulled from the current schedule due to an episode that was not appropriate to air at this time given the tragic events that took place at the World Trade Center and Pentagon last week. Cowboy Bebop is expected to return to the Adult Swim line-up within the next several weeks. Please check your local listings or for specific tune-in information.
RZetlin / Sep.23,2001
The Cartoon Network has removed Cowboy Bebop from its Adult Swim Block. It is not clear whether or not Cowboy Bebop was removed because of poor ratings or because of the World Trade Center tragedy.
RZetlin / Sep.19,2001
Due to the terrorist attacks in America, the grand opening celebrations for the anime retail store, OmochaBox in Los Angeles has been postponed until further notice. The store will open as planned on September 15, 2001, but all events, including autograph sessions with Kunihiko Ikuhara and Mari Iijima will be postponed. Please check for more information.
RZetlin / Sep.14,2001
Fox Kids has started airing Transformers: Robots in Disguise on September 8, 2001. The show will be aired on Fox Kids from Monday to Saturday.
RZetlin / Sep.9,2001
KTEH will be showing Sakura Wars (ova) starting... yesterday!(^^;
This makes the current Sunday night line up:
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Serial Experiments Lain
Sakura Wars
All of these animes are shown uncut.(I.E.,in their American video relese form).
RadHaz / Sep.4,2001
Staring September 3, 2001, the WB Network has begun airing Sailor Moon Super on their Kids WB block. The episodes are aired out of order and from what I understand Sailor Moon Super will be aired on Kids WB for this week only.
RZetlin / Sep.4,2001
The Cartoon Network aired the premiere of Cowboy Bebop at 12:00am on Sunday, September 2 2001. Overall the response by the anime fans has been positive. Anime fans are surprised that the Cartoon Network did only a small amount of censoring on Cowboy Bebop.
RZetlin / Sep.4,2001
According to Inside Magazine, Disney won't release Hayao Miyazaki's films because Princess Mononoke did poorly in the American movie theatres. Princess Mononoke grossed over two million dollars in America.
It is this author's opinion that Princess Mononoke did poorly because Disney gave the film little marketing and limited theatre release. Disney had a too high of an expectation for Princess Mononoke to perform well with the type of restrictions placed on the film.
RZetlin / Sep.2,2001
The one-hour premiere of the 3rd Season of Digimon and Medabots aired on the Fox Kids network on September 1, 2001.
RZetlin / Sep.2,2001
Disney anounced that they will no longer release Ghibli Studios movies. No comment on whether or not they will do VHS/DVD releases of them.
misha132 / Sep.1,2001
Just so you all know, AKIRA was re-released to the public this August. This ground-breaking anime is now available once again on VHS (subtitled and engilsh-dubbed) and on DVD with a Special Edition 2 DVD set available. The special edition DVD contain more stuff like documentaries, art galleries and much more. Look for it in stores in the U.S. right now.
Chaunce / Aug.26,2001
The following animes will be seen on Fox Kids Saturday starting this September:
Digimon: Digital Monsters (Season 3. Clue: Season 1 & 2 was a ficitonal TV show to these kids...until they find a mysterious Blue Digimon Trading card...)
Medabots (Looks like a robotic version of Pokemon)
Transformers: Robots In Disguise (The anime version. This is not the old Transformers cartoons from long ago)
The Ripping Friends (From the people that brought you Ren & Stimpy)
No word on whether or not the Mon Colle Knights will be on this fall.
Chaunce / Aug.26,2001
Starting September 10th, Pokemon, seen on videogames, anime on TV and in the movies, will be seen in another media format: The comic strips in the newspapers. Yes, along with Classic Peanuts, Spiderman, Beetle Bailey and others comics strips, Pokemon will make its debut across the U.S. in the newspapers. Watch for Pokemon when you read your newspapers September 10th. This source of news comes from Viz Communications
Chaunce / Aug.26,2001
Bandai has stated that the first volume of Love Hina on DVD will be released next year on February 2002. There will be four episodes per disk.
RZetlin / Aug.21,2001
Yu-Gi-Oh! premieres on Kids' WB! on Saturday, September 15.
Jeff Harris / Aug.19,2001
Dragon Ball Z was not removed from Kids' WB's "Toonami" because of incorrect grids. It was removed because the series remains a Cartoon Network-only series. The "new" season of DBZ, showcasing the Buu Saga, begins on Monday, September 10 at 6 PM EDT/PDT on Cartoon Network's Toonami. The lineup for Toonami Reactor 2.0, an online destination for full-length shows not seen on television, will be revealed in a matter of weeks. Later.
Jeff Harris / Aug.19,2001
Only after running a few weeks Kids WB have removed Dragonball Z from its lineup. Inside sources say Dragonball Z was removed because the scheduling grids were incorrect.
RZetlin / Aug.15,2001
There are rumors that Gundam 0080, Gundam 0083 and Gundam One Year War OVAs may air on the Cartoon Network this fall or next year.
RZetlin / Aug.15,2001
The Cartoon Network has officially announced that Cowboy Bebop will premiere on Sunday, September 2 2001 at 12 midnight (ET, PT) during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, the network's new adult-targeted line-up.
RZetlin / Aug.7,2001
Dragonball Z has begun airing on the WB Network.
RZetlin / Jul.31,2001
KTEH is scheduled to show Serial Experiments Lain on 8/11/01 at 09:00 P.M. subtitled. The USA premier, I think.
RadHaz / Jul.31,2001
There rumors that the Cartoon Network might air Cowboy Bebop on its new adult programming block this fall.
RZetlin / Jul.27,2001
According to the official Funimation Dragon Ball site the original Dragon Ball series will start airing on Cartoon Network on Aug. 20th. The popular follow up Dragon Ball Z will start having new episodes again on Sept. 3 also on Cartoon Network. Dragon Ball will mostlikely air after Dragon Ball Z. It should be well worth the wait.
Chibihalo / Jul.26,2001
The Season Premiere of the "Mon Colle Knights" aired this weekend on the FOX KIDS network. The 3rd season of Digimon--"Digimon Trainers" will air on the FOX KIDS network this fall. A new anime show called "Medabots!" will be on TV this fall. Medabots will air on the FOX KIDS network as well.
RZetlin / Jul.25,2001
The popular Japanese anime magazine New Type will be translated into English! Digital Manga states that the planned layout of the magazine is to have, “70% Japanese news, 20% American news, and 10% European news.
Fans who are used to the Japanese magazine which usually weighs in with over 300 pages can expect around 150-175-200 pages per issue for the English version.
Extras such as text novels and manga also may or may not appear, the same applies to posters, and the other extra materials that appear in the Japanese Newtype.
RZetlin / Jul.12,2001
Anime Expo one of the largest anime convention in the U.S. started Thursday July 6, 2001 and ran until Sunday July 8, 2001.
As of next year, 2002, there will be two Anime Expos! The regular AX on the west coast, and a new Anime Expo convention the east coast. The west coast AX will continue to take place in California on Independence Day weekend, and the new East Coast Anime Expo will take place on Labor Day weekend in New York city right in Time Square!
RZetlin / Jul.12,2001
The Cartoon Network will air Mobile Suit Gundam on July 23, 2001 at 5:00 pm. 8th Mobile Suit Gundam will air on July 24th at midnight.
RZetlin / Jun.28,2001
YU-GI-OH! will air this fall on Kids WB.
RZetlin / Jun.28,2001
Kids Entertainment, the same company that handles Pokemon in the US, has acquired the license for Yu-Gi-Oh. Additionally, there is a petition to have the anime released in a subtitled format (
Gatchaman, better known as Battle of the Planets in the US, has been announced for release from Rhino Video.
Jin-Roh has been announced for a theatrical release in June. although only Seattle and NYC have been listed.
Through a deal signed in 1996, Disney has acquired Tenkuu no Shiro Lapyuta (aka Laputa: Castle in the Sky), Mimi o Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart), Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa (Nausicaa Valley of the Wind), and Omohide Poroporo (Only Yesterday), Heisei Tanuki Gassen Pom Poko (Pom Poko), and Kurenai no Buta (Porco Rosso)although there hasn't been a scheduled release dates for any of the films. (more info on the DisneyTokuma deal can be found here:
The Vampire Hunter D remake is currently rumored to have a Spetember theatrical release with the video release soon after.
Niea_7 is now apparently licensed by Pioneer.
There are rumors of a US release of Hand Maid May from Pioneer, but there seems to be conflicting information about this.
Samhain / Apr.24,2001
This is slightly old, but I don't see it mentioned. Akira was digitally remastered and re-dubbed (with a new translated script) by Pioneer. It also had the digitally remastered theatrical release April 1, in New York City. Pioneer plans to release the DVDs July 3.
rabow / Apr.16,2001
With yet another Japanese company entering the US market (Bandai, Shogakukan/Viz and Pioneer are already there), Production IG has a new subsidiary called Synch Point. Their first releases to the North American market will be Tenshi ni Narumon and FLCL.
They have also mentioned something about Bandai licensing Love Hina, and Bandai has confirmed. Love Hina is finally licensed!
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Apr.1,2001
FUNimation is extremely pleased to announce that Cartoon Network (CN) will soon begin airing episodes of Dragon Ball- the show that started it all! Starting sometime in mid-May most likely May 14th 2001 at 4:30 PM (EST/PST), 26-28 episodes of Dragon Ball Series (not Dragon Ball Z) will be aired immediately following Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network. Long time fans will please note this is NOT the 13 episodes that originally aired in 1995, but an all-new version, truer to the original story line. The new episodes feature the early adventures of Goku, as he encounters the Dragon Ball cast for the first time. Never before seen, these episodes are already in production. Producer Barry Watson says, "Working on is Dragon Ball is a blast! The show is so hilarious and wacked out…"
DBZ Kingdom / Mar.29,2001
Starting on April 2nd, 2001, Big O' will air 2 times on Toonami at 5:30 PM and 7 hours later the next episode of Big O will be broadcasted at 12:30 AM EST/PST. That means the new episodes will be aired at night 12:30 AM first, then the same episode will be aired later on the same day at 5:30 PM
DBZ Kingdom / Mar.28,2001
Central Park Media, who currently hold the rights to the excellent The Slayers series have made a deal with Fox Kids to show The Slayers series on their channel on February. Details such as time and date have yet to be announced.
Ryoga Hibiki / Feb.3,2001
Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof DVD has been announced by AD Vision, as reported earlier. The DVD will contain all three episodes, the Making of Gunsmith Cats as found in the special edition VHS version, credit-free opening, trailers and features both English and Japanese dubs with English subtitles. Was originally stated for an end of February release, Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof has now been pushed back to 27th March 2001. My copy has been reserved! Why not get yours on pre-order too!
Ryoga Hibiki / Feb.3,2001
Pionner Entertainment will be showing a remastered version of the classic Akria around Spring 2001. The movie will undergo a restoration costing around one million dollar, using the latest in Digital Vision HD technology. The movie will also receive a brand new English dub, complete with THX certified audio. This is good news as an Akria DVD was rumoured to be release by the end of 2001. It will be interesting whether Manga Entertainment, who hold the Akria rights for the UK, will do a similar project for their planned release.
Ryoga Hibiki / Feb.3,2001
The ever so popular, Ranma 1/2 will get a DVD treatment! The television series of Ranma 1/2 is to be released at the same time as the VHS release, starting at Season Six. Earlier series will be released as boxsets later this year. It will be interesting to know whether Viz Videos will use the same packaging as it OAV DVD boxset... I can't wait!
Ryoga Hibiki / Feb.3,2001
Bandai are to release a Cowboy Bebop DVD boxset containing all the Cowboy Bebop DVDs, and other premium incentives included in a nicely packaged box. Like the Serial Experiments Lain boxset, the boxes for the Cowboy Bebop boxset is suppose to be available seperately for thoses who wish to buy them for their exisiting collection! The release date for the boxset is 11th June 2001.
Ryoga Hibiki / Feb.3,2001
AIC has officially announced work on the third Tenchi Muyo! Ryoouki OVA! It's been almost six years since OVA 2.
RadHaz / Jan.18,2001
Saber Marionette J DVD disc set will be out this month, January 9th. It will contain English, Japanese and Spanish audio tracks and will include as extras character profiles, galleries and music video. The music video will have English, romaji and Japanese subtitles.
Ryoga Hibiki / Jan.5,2001
Outlaw Star will premiere on the Cartoon Network's Toonami at 6:30PM on Monday 15th January 2001.
Ryoga Hibiki / Jan.4,2001
Urban Visions will be releasing Petshop of Horrors on DVD. The disc will have all four episodes with commentary, deleted scenes, and trailers. The DVD will be released on February 27th 2001.
Ryoga Hibiki / Dec.24,2000
Super Boy Inventor Kanipan (Cho Hatsumei Boy Kanipan) will be shown on Fox's CATV channel next year! Saban Group who brought you Mighty Morphing Power Rangers has bought the rights from Asatsu-DK. Kanipan will be aired next September.
Ryoga Hibiki / Dec.24,2000
Manga Entertainment has finally put a tentative date on the most fought after movie! Neon Genesis Evangelion will be released in the Summer of 2001! Why was it so delayed? Apparently, they've been re-assambling the AD Vision cast of Evangelion. Manga was going to release it for a theatrical release, but that seems unlikely.
Ryoga Hibiki / Dec.24,2000
Anime News Service has reported that the Hollywod Reporter is running a story on independent Mindfire Entertainment's plans to produce a series of movies based on the Dead or Alive video game series. Film and TV rights have reportedly been optioned from Tecmo and plans to begin production on the first feature, Dead or Alive: Hardcore--The Movie early in 2001.
Ryoga Hibiki / Dec.24,2000
On December 10 2000 public television station KTEH will air Dirty Pair Flash starting at 20:30.
RadHaz / Dec.6,2000
ADV have annouced a Rurouni Kenshin movie called Samurai X: The Motion Picture. The prequel to the popular lighthearted television series sees a darker side of the wandering samurai as he is put face to face against a rebel whos family and friends were killed around the time of the war against Tokugawa Shogunate. The rebel finds out the real identity of Kenshin and goes searching for the warrior to end a vendetta as well as put an end to his suffering. Samurai X: The Motion Picture will be released in March 2001 on DVD and VHS.
Ryoga Hibiki / Dec.3,2000
Manga Entertainment have officially announced that they will be bringing the Street Fighter Alpha series to the US! A press release was put out on 8th November.
Ryoga Hibiki / Nov.12,2000
FOX KIDS have officially cancelled the television series of Escaflowne! The channel have halt the broadcast with no rescheduled airdate. Apparently, the series have had poor viewing ratings. This is a big blow to all Anime fans out there - even if the series was cut. This won't affect the uncut releases of Escaflowne.
Ryoga Hibiki / Oct.22,2000
Toonami have the rights to show Outlaw Star. A report on stated that the show will start later this year or at the beginning of next year. There wasn't any confirmed details whether the show will be uncut.
Ryoga Hibiki / Oct.22,2000
Viz and Bandai have joined forces to release Kastuhiro Otomo's JIn-ROH. The two companies responsible for the porting of Ranma 1/2 and Cowboy Bepob to the US will release the film of JIN-ROH in theatres around 2001. The news was announced at the Anime Weekend at Atlanta by Carl Gustav Horn of Viz Entertainment and Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment.
Ryoga Hibiki / Oct.22,2000
Whoa! This is good news for me!!! GunSmith Cats OVA anime will be coming to a DVD near you! An informal poll asking viewers which anime series they most wanted to see released on DVD. The results of the top five are:
1) GunSmith Cats
2) Blueseed
3) Sorcerer Hunters
4) Dirty Pair OVA
5) Those Who Hunt Elves
The GunSmith Cats DVD will hopefully contain all three episodes with both Japanese and English audio tracks, picture gallery, and the special Episode Zero feature, which has included in the special edition VHS version. Blueseed, from the creator of 3x3 Eyes, will be released as a 4 DVD set, costing around $30 each. Other AD Vision news, the wacky Super Milk-chan and Steel Angel Hurumi were announced by ADV as their newest acquisitions.
Ryoga Hibiki / Oct.22,2000
Pioneer will be releasing the uncut versions of Sailor Moon S on DVD. The first disc will have six episodes while the following volumes will have 4 episodes on each disc. Extras have not been announced yet but expect something like picture galleries and Pioneer's products catalogue found in most Pioneer and Viz Video DVDs. Expected date is 23rd January 2001.
Ryoga Hibiki / Oct.12,2000
Central Park Media announced that they will be publishing Nightwalkers, which is a vampire detective story, and also Angel Sanctuary, which is a beautifully animated 3 part OVA based on a manga by Kaori Yuki. The announcement was made during an industry panel at the New York Anime Film Festival.
Ryoga Hibiki / Oct.12,2000
On Tuesday, September 26, Cartoon Network began showing Sailor Moon SuperS (season four of the series). This is the first time these episodes have played on Cartoon Netowrk because they chose to repeat season three once before going on to SuperS.
Marron / Oct.1,2000
Good news for Pokemon fans... Pokemon: The Movie 2000 will be appearing on Region 1 DVD on the 14th of November 2000, around four weeks after the UK Region 2 version gets released. The feature length cartoon will contain the Pikachu's second movie, Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, trailers for the second movie as well as the upcoming third, which has already been released in Japan. There will be DVD-ROM features such as website links, and Nintendo game guides. Like the first DVD, the package will contain a free gift, this time it a Lugia coin instead of a promo playing card.
Ryoga Hibiki / Sep.17,2000
Patlabor 2 will be released on DVD from Manga Entertainment on the 26th of September 2000. The DVD has been digitally remastered with an English audio track in a Dolby Digital Surround sound format, or in Japanese with a stereo soundtrack. Features will included special Japanese trailers, Manga 2000 Previews, Manga Video Fan Club and Manga web link. Running time is around 129 minutes. A UK version is also schedualed but no date has been given yet..
Ryoga Hibiki / Sep.12,2000
Review of FOX Network premiere episode of Escaflowne:
(FOX started at episode 2, not episode 1 in the Japanese version)
Opening Scene: I will start by commenting on the new opening scene for FOX's version of Escaflowne. The opening lyrics only consist of chanting of the word "Escaflowne". As reported in the previous news, the opening consists of segments from the episodes. Compared to the amazing Japanese original opening of Yakusoku wa Iranai, the American version opening is weak.
Flashbacks: The beginning of episode two consist of flashbacks from the first episode that has not aired yet. Even with the flashbacks, it feels like the audience is missing a lot out in the storyline. I think it would have been better off if the FOX network aired the first episode so that the audience would be more familiar with the characters. As of this movement, the audience is thrown into the series without knowing what is happening.
Music: Some of Yoko Kanno's music is kept in, but unfortunately the music is played in the wrong places! New music is added to the scenes where there are no music being played in the original Japanese version. The new techno music FOX added did not match with Yoko Kanno's classical music. One minute the audience is listening to the soft music of Yoko Kanno's music and the next minute the audience is blasted with fast techno music!
Action: There seems to be a lot of focus on action in this episode. Most of the scenes consist of sword fighting and very little talking. It is apparent that FOX executives are aiming the series to boys instead of girls. Despite the sword fighting scenes, FOX cut out the scenes with the blood. Some death scenes were also cut out.
Commercials: Is it just me or are there too many commercial breaks in the show?
Conclusion: Overall I am not too happy with FOX’s version of Escaflowne. Even though I haven’t watch the entire Japanese version, there’s seems to be something missing in this version. I just get this empty feeling after watching this episode. I recommend that Escaflowne fans in America should start saving up money and buy the uncut Escaflowne DVD manufactured by Bandai.
RZetlin / Aug.20,2000
With less than a week away before the boardcast of Escaflowne, more developments has taken place. According to, the FOX network is skipping episode one and will be boardcasting episode two instead. It is not known whether or not FOX will be boardcasting the modified verison of episode one at a future date. This skipping of episodes will confuse a lot of audience.
RZetlin / Aug.15,2000
Bad news for Escaflowne fans in America. According to Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment, the first episode of Escaflowne that will be airing on the FOX network will be heavily edited. The story essentials in that episode will be integrated as flashbacks in other episodes. The music will also be slightly shifted around. The reason why the first episode in Esaflowne is being edited is not because of the violence, but because the episode was slower-moving and attracted a more female crowd than the others. In other words, the FOX network want boys watching Escaflowne, not the girls. This is the same thing that happened to Cardcaptor Sakura, the series was made more action orientated to attract the boys than the girls. It is really sad that this is happening, but luckily Bandai will be providing an unedited version of Escaflowne on DVD.
RZetlin / Aug.14,2000
According to reports from Otakon, Bandai is aware that Fox rearranged some of the orignal music of Escaflowne though could not offer any explaination. Other reports have said that Fox might even remove the first episode of the series (possibly only shown in flashbacks) to remove the 'schoolgirl' aspect of the series.
Yuzu-chan / Aug.14,2000
The FOX Kids Network has been airing Sunrise produced Dinozaurs since last Friday. The basic plot of Dinozaurs is evil dinosaurs have come to drain planet Earth of its energy and these special dinosaurs awaken to stop them.
It is the opinion of the author that is has to be one of the worst anime TV shows he had seen on television. The colouration and texture of the CG looks unfinished and fake. The CG dinosaur's movement is so chunky and the lip synch feels so off. The 2D animation falls just below Pokemon animation believe it or not. The character designs are unimpressive. The voice acting feels forced on the characters.
It is hard to believe that the studio Sunrise--the same studio that produced Gundam, is responsible for the production for this piece of trash called Dinozaurs.
After Dinozaurs has aired in America, it is slated to air on Japan. So the people in Japan have been warned to avoid this show.
RZetlin / Aug.8,2000
Escaflowne is slated to air on FOX Kids on August 19, 2000. All the 26 episodes of Escaflowne will be aired on television. The music in the series itself is untouched. The awesome Yoko Kanno music is kept in! No names, plotlines, or story construction will be altered AT ALL! The dub was done first and then sent to FOX and FCC for inspection. So even if FOX wanted to change the voices, they can't because the production is done already.
The Japanese opening and ending songs will be cut out. A more conventional opening assembled from the episodes will take its place.
There will be some digital touch-up and minor editing to bring the show into check with Fox censor and FCC children's programming regulations. Some of the offensive material that will be cleaned up include alcohol use and blood.
Even if anime fans are not happy with the changes in the television series, Bandai will be releasing an unedited version of Escaflowne on DVD.
RZetlin / Jul.30,2000
Pokemon 2000 movie was released in theatres last Friday on July 21, 2000. Like the first Pokemon movie, Pokemon 2000 was given bad reviews from the critics. The overall compliants about the movie was the poor animation and bad storyline. Nonetheless Pokemon 2000 movie came in third at the Box Office.
For those who don't know the Pokemon situation in America, American parents hate Pokemon. The parents hate Pokemon because they see Pokemon as a cash cow--a cheap toy commerial.
RZetlin / Jul.28,2000
The final reports on the crackdown at Anime Expo 2000 has come in.
A dealer at Anime Expo 2000 starting selling pornographic material to minors. Disney management became aware of this situation and called the Anaheim police department to come in. When the police confronted the vendor, the dealer started citing that his first amendment rights were being violated. He also claimed that Anime was 90% child pornography and he started pointing to and listing all the hentai materials in the dealer's room from other dealers as well as comments on the video programming.
At this point, the police asked the Disney Management to remove all the "pornography" at the Anime Expo 2000 convention. If the material were not removed, then the convention would have to be shut down. The Anime Expo had no choice but to ask vendors to remove any objectionable material from the convention.
According to reports, the hentai software company, Himeya was not forced off the Disney property. They decided to leave by choice.
It is really unfortunate that the Anime Expo 2000 convention turned out like this. There was a hope that by holding an anime convention at the Disney Hotel, outsiders would be exposed to Japanese animation. But the plan backfired. Now outsiders see Japanese animation as 90% child pornography.
As for the dealer that caused all these problems in the first place, the Anime Expo staff will make sure that he will NOT be invited to the next Anime Expo convention.
RZetlin / Jul.11,2000
Police Raid at Anime Expo 2000
There have been several reports that the Anaheim Police raided exhibit hall at Anime Expo 2000.
The police were searching for pornographic material. In the raid the police demanded several anime companies to remove their adult products from display. The adult software company Himeya Soft was requested by Disney, AX and the police to remove their booth and leave Disney property.
There is no word on who sent the police in the first place.
There is word that Disney had sent their own officials to inspect and write down the type of videos that were being played at Anime Expo 2000.
There have been claims from some artist that they have been asked to remove some of the art because of their objectionable content.
Hopefully more information will be brought on this issue.
RZetlin / Jul.4,2000
There is confirmation from Bandai at Anime Expo 2000 that The Vision of Escaflowne will be broadcast on the FOX station this Fall 2000. Previously there had been confusion whether or not FOX had the rights to Escaflowne because FOX did not officially stated that they had the rights to the show.
In terms of editing in the show, Bandai executives said it would be changed to meet FCC broadcast standards and FOX' standards and practices; the edits are out of Bandai's hands.
There is this fear among the anime fans that The Vision of Escaflowne might be hacked in the same manner as Card Captor Sakura. (Different music, series aired out of order, scenes cut out, the female main character is overshadowed by the male characters)
There has been word that the music in the series will be "upgraded". There is no word whether or not musician Yoko Kanno would be charged of these music "enhancements".
In the worst case scenario that The Vision of Escaflowne is hacked into pieces when it is aired on the FOX station, Bandai will be releasing an unedited version of The Vision of Escaflowne on DVD.
Check out the fan's view for more information.
RZetlin / Jul.3,2000
More title acquisitions by American companies: ADV Films has licensed the You're Under Arrest movie, as well as the Robotech series (which comprises of Macross, Mospeada and Southern Cross). Viz Video has the rights for Ayashi no Ceres and are trying to get the rights to Inu-Yasha. It's also been known for a while now that Pioneer has the rights to Kachou Ouji.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Jul.3,2000
Bandai just announced plenty more anime to be released in North America. In addition to Jubei-chan and Tenamonya Voyagers (which is the first DVD only release), they will also be releasing Angel Links, Betterman, Seikai no Monshou and Fancy Lala.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Jul.2,2000
The WB TV station had aired the second episode of Cardcaptors on Saturday June 24, 2000. The second episode of Cardcaptors, "Time and Again ", is really the 12th episode in the Japanese version. It is really obvious now that WB wants to air all the episodes with Li Showron in it.
There isn't much to say about this episode which I haven't said already. The music is still weak and the Opening is horrible.
Though it is interesting to note that in the commercials that WB is airing, Li Showron as the prominent character and Sakura as secondary character.
For a show that tries to appeal to girls, it seems to be doing a better job appealing to boys.
RZetlin / Jun.27,2000
On June 30, 2000, the FOX television station has started their new anime program block called "Anime Invasion". Anime Invasion will be shown every Friday. Here is the June 30 schedule of the Anime Invasion program block: (Eastern Standard Time)
3:00 p.m.-Flint the Time Detective:
Episode: Eldora
Flint and his friends must rescue Time Shifter Eldora from Petra, whose obsession with gold is causing big trouble in 16th century South America. (There is a Tuxedo Mask parody in this episode.)
3:30 p.m.-Digimon:
Episode: A Clue from the Digi-Past
Lost in a ruined jungle city, Mimi and Izzy must decipher mysterious hieroglyphic messages to survive their encounter with Centarumon, the city's Black Gear-controlled defender. And what is the secret of the "Mystic Devices?"
4:00 p.m.- Digimon
Episode: Now Apocalymon
When the children descend into an endless world of darkness, they encounter their most powerful enemy yet. Can the kids hold onto their tags, crests, and Digimon partners before everything disappears?
4:30 p.m.- Monster Rancher
Episode: A New Departure
Holly's Magic Pendant Stone points the team towards the ocean and a faraway continent to find the Phoenix. But they'll have to convince Captain Horn and his Rocky Suezo pirates to take them there fast because Moo's Zuum troops are hot on their trail!
More information about the shows can be found at
First of all, I think this is the first time a television station has referred to their Japanese animated shows as "anime". In the past, the word "anime" is somewhat a taboo word to use in the American mainstream public. Previously, the word "anime" was connected to the more violent, unsettling Japanese animated shows. (Think Violent Jack, La Blue Girl). I think it is step forward when the corporations start recognizing their Japanese animated shows as anime. Before each commercial break, there is a segment that discusses about a few facts about Japan. Though personal I though some of the facts that they told are useless. Does knowing how the Japanese pronounce the word "sports " useful? Except for Flint the Time Detective, the anime episodes that is aired on the Anime Invasion block are previously aired episodes. I don't think kids would stick around to watch the old shows. Maybe FOX should start airing new anime shows like the WB station is doing with Cardcaptors.
RZetlin / Jun.27,2000
From June 30th to July 3rd, Amercian's largest anime convention, Anime Expo 2000 is being held at the Disneyland Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Anaheim, California.
Guests include:
And the list goes on. For more information check out the Anime Expo homepage at
RZetlin / Jun.27,2000
Review of Pokémon Previously Censored Episode: Beauty and the Beach Summary:
Ash, Misty and Brock had reached the town of Porta Vista, where they enjoy the beach. They borrowed a boat from an old man without his permission. Unfortunately, Ash and his friends crashed the boat into Team Rocket's submarine, which of course damaged the boat. Ash, Misty and Brock had to work at the old man's restaurant to pay off for the boat's damages. Team Rocket sabotaged the restaurant's business, which loses the customers and money.
Ash and gang finds out that the old man owns money to an old woman. If he doesn't pay her back, the old woman will take the boat. As Ash, Misty and Brock figure out a way to help the old man, Professor Oak and Ash's mother comes along to the restaurant. Professor Oak presents the trio with an ad for a beauty contest. They decided that the only way to help the old man was to enter into the beauty contest.
One of the things I was wondering about was how they were going air this episode because it was censored before. The entire scene where Team Rocket was in the beauty contest was cut out. Which means the scene where James dressed up in a bikini is completely gone. Only Team Rocket's Pokémons showed up for the contest before Gary kicked them off.
In the last scene, Ash's mother was holding a trophy. In the Japanese version Ash's mother won the beauty contest, which is why she got the trophy. In the English version the trophy was for Ash because he was such a good boy for helping out people. There is even English writing on the trophy that says, "First Prize Ash Ketchem". Of course it doesn't make any sense as to why Ash's mother doesn't give him the trophy. I guess the people who dubbed this episode thought that kids wouldn't be worried about the details.
One thing I have notice in this episode is the large amount of Japanese writing on the signs and papers. Most of the other Pokémon English episodes that has been aired had the Japanese writing removed and replaced with English text.
RZetlin / Jun.26,2000
The appearance of Sailor Neptune and Uranus in Sailor Moon Super will air on the Cartoon Network. Their English names will be Michelle (Michiru) and Amara (Haruka). There is still a controversy and outrage among the some of the viewing audience in showing homosexual couples on American Prime Time television. And showing homosexual couples on a children's show (Sailor Moon), is a definite no. Because of this situation, Uranus and Neptunes relationship has been changed from lovers to cousins. (Of course now, we have to worry about parents blaming Sailor Moon for promoting incest.)
RZetlin / Jun.23,2000
Kids WB will be showing a "lost episode" of Pokemon next Saturday June 24, 2000.
The "lost episode" of Pokemon is in fact a previously censored episode. The Pokemon episode involves Misty, Jesse, James and Ash's Mother completing in a beauty contest. The episode was censored because James dressed up as a woman and had pump up breast to "enhance" his figure.
RZetlin / Jun.20,2000
Cardcaptors have just premiered on Kids WB and the result is not encouraging.
Nelvana turned a cute girl show called Card Captor Sakura into a bash up boys action series called Cardcaptors. Now I know why the show is called Cardcaptors instead of Card Captor Sakura, Sakura is not the main character any more, Shaolan Li is! Sakura is presented as a side character, while Shaolan Li is the hero of the show. At least you know why there are not a lot girls shows on television, because the media screws up any of them that is out there! I am disgusted as to what Nelvana did to Card Captor Sakura.
Nelvana is skipping episodes. The premiere episode is really episode 8 in the Japanese series. The audience is thrown into the story without much of an explanation. Who is Sakura? What is that yellow thing Sakura has? What are Clow Cards? From what I understand the next episode is not suppose to happen much later in the Japanese series. From the looks of things, Nelvana is cutting out the slower episodes in the Japanese series and focusing more on the action packed episodes.
The opening sequence is crap. The more sweeter, lighter Japanese song of "Catch You, Catch Me" is gone. In original song's place is an uninteresting opening song that sounds so much like the Pokémon opening. I could have sworn that they used the same singer for the Cardcaptors and Pokémon. The show also presents "the card of the episode" segment at the end of each episode which is the same thing like the Pokémon Rap. In the ending segment of the Japanese version, there was a Kero segment. What really makes me sad is WB and Nelvana is presenting Cardcaptors as Pokémon wannabe series.
Speaking about the music, the music is garbage. The background music is dark, monotonous, drearily, which is in conflict to the much brighter visual surroundings. The music has been changed to make it more action packed for the boys. Why do companies always change the music for anime series?
What else, oh yes the name changes! When Nelvana said that they wouldn't change Sakura's name, they had forgotten to mention that they would be changing the names for the rest of the characters! Like Sailor Moon, I have no idea as to how Nelvana comes up with the English names for the Japanese names. How the hell did they get Madison Taylor from Tomoyo Daidoji!
Some of the voices for the characters are not that good. The voices for Sakura, Li Showron and Madison sound too old. The worst voice is probably Kero. He sounds like some sort of constipated, surfer dude on drugs!
Must be some sort of speech problem, but they keep on pronouncing Sakura wrong! It is Sa-Kur-a not Sur-Kura!
After watching the dubbed version Sailor Moon, I didn't think censoring and editing could get any lower, but Nelvana proven me wrong. While DiC presented Sailor Moon as a girls show, Nelvana completely changed the nature of Card Captor Sakura. It is less cuter and more drearily. It is more oriented for boys than girls.
Nelvana has given anime fans the short end of the stick. When anime fans had heard that Nelvana has gotten hold of Card Captor Sakura, anime fans sent letters to them warning them not to hack up the series. We told them beforehand what not to do. From the looks of things, Nelvana did not listen.
What Nelvana did to Card Captor Sakura is unacceptable. DiC has the excuse of ignorance for editing Sailor Moon. DiC could say that they did know that anime fans existed so that is why they made the changes to Sailor Moon. On the other hand, Nelvana does not have ignorance as an excuse for editing Card Captor Sakura because they know beforehand that anime fans existed.
Though as a consolation prize, Nelvana does have a FAQ up on their official Sakura Web Page explaining why they made the changes to the show. And here is Nelvana E-mail address so you can send your displeasure/rage at
If it makes anime fans feel better Pioneer (God bless Pioneer) is releasing an unedited version of Card Captor Sakura on DVD in September.
RZetlin / Jun.19,2000
CardCaptors' release on the KidsWB has been changed from sometime this fall to June 17th.
Kathy Lisic / Jun.12,2000
This summer looking very good for anime fans in America.
Card Captor Sakura is airing early on WB. With the ratings dropping for Pokemon (Yes Pokemon is fading), WB needs a new show to boost the ratings. Where else to look but a cute girl and a yellow plush thing to start the next craze. Card Captor Sakura should be airing June 17th at 9:30 am.
New Sailor Moon episodes. Yes there is news that Sailor Moon Super is airing on the Cartoon Network on June 12th at 4:00pm. It would be interesting to see how they handle some of the controversial materials in the show.
Tenchi Muyo: One teenage boy, lots of alien girls living at his house, need I say more. ;) Cartoon Network is airing all the Tenchi series including the OVA series. Tenchi Muyo should be airing July 3th.
According to a few reports, Blue Submarine No: 6 will be aired on the Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings starting July 8, at 11 a.m.
And don't forget about the current anime titles like Gundam W, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and Monster Rancher on American television!
RZetlin / Jun.12,2000
Public television station KTEH shows Ranma 1/2: Nihao, My Concubine is scheduled to air on June 25, 21:30 (viewer discretion advised.)
Also, Anime Nation has a report that the Tenchi Muyo TV series will begin airing on July third on Cartoon Network. Tenchi figures at Burger King? (^^;;
RadHaz / Jun.8,2000
Unlike how it was reported in the "Canada" section, Card Captor Sakura will not be keeping its original name, it will be renamed "CardCaptors." Nelvana has launched a web-site for the show, but so far, it only has the main title image. It can be found here:
Nick Falzaran / Apr.16,2000
The Fox Network has the following new anime shows for their fall line up: It is reported that Digimon will be kept for the next season.
RZetlin / Mar.22,2000
The Cartoon Network has started airing Gundam W in the month of March. There will be two version of Gundam W that will be shown. A slightly edited version at 5:30 pm and an uncut and uncensored version near midnight. Most of the original Japanese material has been kept in the show, including Japanese text. After its first showing, it is reported that Gundam W has scored the highest rating on the Cartoon Network.
RZetlin / Mar.22,2000
This was taken from the animenation website: Tenchi and Cartoon Network Buzz
Phule / Mar.4,2000
Public television station KTEH in San Jose California has announced that it will air Neon Genesis Evangelion starting March 5, 2000.
RadHaz / Feb.14,2000
A second death has occurred reportedly related to Pokemon merchandise. A hamburger chain known as Burger King ran a phenomenal promotion in parallel to the release of Pokemon the First Movie. more than 25 million toys were given out along with children's meals. However, twice in the past 3 months, parents have left the plastic halves of a Poke Ball like container within the grasp of babies (less than 18 months old), who have reportedly gotten a half trapped over their nose and mouth, resulting in suffocation. Burger King issued a product recall, even offering a free 'bounty' of a small fry for each ball turned in. But a second death is being reported this week - where a grandparent had not heard about the recall, and Burger King intends on beginning yet another round of alerts, adding TV Commercials.
lvirden / Jan.30,2000
Nintendo suspended to produce Pokemon cards which include Manji(fylfot) mark. This mark means "tera (temple)" in Japan, but it is similar to Haken Kreuz in German. So many people protested against Nintendo. I recognize Nintendo's decision, but I regret that some people didn't understand Japanese culture.....
Kaicho / Dec.10,1999
The Gainax TV series Kareshi Kanojo no Jijo has been licensed by The Right Stuf International, and will be released in subtitled and dubbed formats, and hopefully a DVD release.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Nov.25,1999
The final box-office figures are also in for The Princess Mononoke during it's 3rd weekend in limited release in North American theaters. This week the the film was added to 9 screens. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the film has grossed $243,040 on 47 screens, averaging about $5,000 a theater, this has dropped it from the number 24 spot to the number 27 position on the Daily Variety Movie chart. Total American gross to-date for the Princess Mononoke is $963,310.
RadHaz / Nov.18,1999
Through Nov. 5 to Nov. 8 1999, Princess Mononoke did fairly well in the theatres for the second week. This week Princess Mononoke was shown in 38 theatres from the 8 theatres last week. Princess Mononoke also brought in $385,000 compared to $140,000 last week. The screen per average was lower at $10,100 compared to $17,500 last week. The next decision for a full release now rest in the hands of Miramax.
RZetlin / Nov.10,1999
Japanese newscasts reported the success of a preview of the first movie of Pokêmon in U.S.A. This news made a headline on TV Tokyo, of course. Howver, other TV station couldn't ignore this news. Are there any Anihabara readers who could watch this preview ?
Kaicho / Nov.8,1999
There is a report that the Cartoon Network will air Gundam W as soon as Spring 2000. There is no word yet on the editting or censorship on the series. On other Cartoon Network news, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z is reported to have the highest ratings on the Toonami block.
The top five favourite characters on Toonami are as follows (10/4/99):
  1. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
  2. Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)
  3. Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)
  4. Anne and Alan (Sailor Moon)
  5. Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)

RZetlin / Nov.4,1999
On Oct 29, 1999, Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) has been shown in theatres on a limited released.
Only 8 theatres in America showed Princess Mononoke, but the results are positive. The screen per average was very high. It was $17,500 per screen.
It was obvious that with such a limited release Princess Mononoke would not be in the top ten of the Box Office. The B.O. numbers for Princess Mononoke was only $140,000.
If Princess Mononoke perform well again this weekend, Miramax might consider a nationwide release of the film in North America.
This brings anime one step closer of being mainstream in America!
RZetlin / Nov.2,1999
ADV Films has acquired yet another TV series (how many do they have now?), Arc the Lad. They've also announced more DVDs (finally), including Gunnm (Battle Angel) and Makai Tenshou (Ninja Resurrection). The Sakura Wars DVD has been delayed until November 2.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Oct.28,1999
At Anime Weekend Atlanta, the cable TV network Cartoon Network announced that they were planning to create a new all-action/anime channel. Their Toonami block of programming (which contains Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon) was also revealed to be the highest rated programming block on the network.
Avery Davies [mail] / Oct.14,1999
This past weekend, it was announced that someone had finally picked up the rights to Rurouni Kenshin. Media Blasters have the rights to the TV series, while ADV Films has the OAV series and movie. There's no need to worry about Media Blasters using the horrible Samurai X dub.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Oct.11,1999
The Crown Knights JaJaUma Quartette has been picked up by Central Park Media under the name 'Wild Cardz' and is set for release December 99. In a response to a letter on Software Sculptors' Animail Newsletter site it is stated that they all but have the rights to the rest of Shoujou Kakumei Utena (14-39) and are only lacking the actual contract. I'm not sure of the accuracy of this at this time.
Usako / Sep.30,1999
Monnster Farm, an anime based on the simulation game of the same name by Tecmo, has recently has started airing in syndication as the part of the Bohbot Kids Network block of shows. For some reason in the middle of each episode (why I don't have a clue) they have like a rap on certain monsters not unlike the infamous Pokérap of Pokémon.
Yuzuriha Nekoi / Sep.12,1999
Currently I have heard that at the SIGGA or somthing like that square has just unveiled new clips to the FF: Movie. There was also talk on bringing back "Robotech" in a new series called Robotech 3000 suppoledly based on the Sentinels storyline that was so appalling that they are never showed anywhere. The new series is being made in 100% CG and is being done by the same company that is currently doing the new US CG Voltron series. God Help us. Don't destroy Macross!
Canoun / Aug.18,1999
Card Captor Sakura in The U.S.
Nelvana, one of the mayor tv program distributors in North America has just bought the rights for Card Captor Sakura, including the whole series (70 episodes), and merchandising, including toys, dolls, etc.
Fore more information, see :
Charlie D. / Aug.14,1999
Final Fantasy Life Action Movie
Charlie D. / Aug.12,1999
Just a bit of information, in case you did not know. Digimon will start here in Atlanta on August 14 on the Fox Network.
Joe / Aug.7,1999
The WB will now air "Pokemon" twice every saturday morning [or whenever they air it on the weekends in your area]. Also starting September 4th, 1999. The WB will air a new feature along with Pokemon called "Pikachu's Jukebox". It will be music video's featuring the music from the 2.B.A Master CD [newly released in the USA]. It will air 6 days a week.
Chibineptune8 / Jul.24,1999
How's this for unexpected? AnimEigo has announced that they acquired the rights to the original Macross TV series to be released unedited and uncut on subtitled VHS and DVD. Harmony Gold still retains the rights to the Robotech dub.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Jul.19,1999
Rumor has it that Disney has pushed back the release of the English-dubbed 'Mononoke Hime' until late October 1999. (Let's blame it on 'Tarzan'...) Voices include Gillian Anderson, Claire Danes, and others.
ryuuen / Jul.4,1999
Pioneer Entertainment, along with DiC, is planning to release all three Sailormoon Movies here in America in three different versions. First, the UNCUT and SUBBED version, with original Japanese musical score, Second the UNCUT and DUBBED version, with a mix of Japanese and DiC musical score, and finally, the CUT/CENSORED and DUBBED version, with a mix of Japanese and DiC musical score. It seemed there are still some matter to resolve for the S and SS movies, but the R movie will be out August 10th, 1999, in both VHS and DVD.........
Fiore / Jun.20,1999
Before anyone get there hopes up about the Eva movies...I was just at Project A-Kon 10. A.D. Vision was there I talked with them and they do not have the rights to the Eva movies nor are they taking steps to get them.
Riff 13 / Jun.12,1999
(Source news from Animenation) Gunsmith Cats Goes Live - It's happened again. Ben Myron, producer of The Mod Squad, is going to turn Kenichi Sonoda's Gunsmith Cats into a live action Hollywood movie. Myron has hired Kari Skogland, director of episodes of The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, La Femme Nikita, and Robocop: The Series, to write and direct the movie. No release date or cast announced yet. Wonder if we will get to see a Levi's commercial with Rally in it?
Charlie D. / Jun.9,1999
Please Save My Earth will air on the public television station KTEH in San Jose California on June 6, 1999. This will be the dub version, with two episodes shown each Sunday. Sugoi!
RadHaz / Mar.31,1999
Funimation is starting dubbing of new Dragon Ball Z episodes that will begin showing on Cartoon Network in the fall. (Editing sucks but it is better than nothing) It will cover until the end of Goku's fight with Freeza. I have also heard rumors that A.D.V. is getting the rights too the two Evangelion movies, Death and Rebirth, and The End Of Evangelion. These are just rumors however and are not quite confirmed yet.
Tokemyoak / Mar.23,1999
Sony Corporation and Connectix are involved in a legal dispute about Connectix's Virtual PlayStation, a software emulator to play some PlayStation games on a Macintosh computer. For more information, see:
RadHaz / Mar.14,1999
The Mat 10th Time Magazine has an article portraying Pokemon in a somewhat negative light. However, some facts mentioned are: the cartoon series is the highest-rated children's show in the US. Nintendo has sold 2.5 million Pokemon game cartridges in seven months, making it the fastest-selling product in compnay history. And since Janurary, 850,000 Pokemon trading-card sets have been sold in the US. The Pokemon movie is due around Thanksgiving.
cj / Mar.5,1999
Pokemon (Pocket Monster) is airing twelve new episodes onthe Warner Bros. Network or WB as it is called over here. Also, there's a chance that WB will get Pokemon on their Fall Saturday lineup next season. Pokemon is currently still in syndication at this time, but it could change this fall. POKEMON, the anime and the games for the Game Boy and soon for the N64 in the U.S. have become quite popular over the last 6 months.
Sir Chance / Feb.27,1999
So far, these rumors have been unsubstantiated, but it's been heard that Sonic: The Anime may be released on videotape around the same time as the Sega Dreamcast is released to the U.S. (September 1999). I'll keep you informed on this one.
Sir Chance / Feb.27,1999
KTEH in San Jose California will show the Key: The Metal Idol feature, End, on March 14 1999. Also, they will broadcast on March 4 Bubblegum Crisis. They didn't elaborate on this, but is is good news. Looks like my donations are paying off!
RadHaz / Feb.23,1999
Plenty of AnimEigo news. They will be releasing Urusei Yatsura on DVD, 8 episodes per disk. Also, they are asking the fans what series they want to see next. They have 4 choices listed (in order of largest number of votes): You're Under Arrest TV, Yuu Yuu Hakusho TV, Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala and Yawara!
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Feb.21,1999
KTEH in San Jose California USA is going to show a "feature length" Key the Metal Idol. They did not elaborate on this, so I will not offer any further news until I learn more.
RadHaz / Feb.16,1999
Fanime Con is holding it's fifth convention on March 19 through March 21, 1999 at the Wyndham Hotel, San Jose California, USA. For information about the con see
This will be my first con, and I am looking forward to it!
RadHaz / Feb.8,1999
Slight clarification regarding the Rurouni Kenshin information.
Sony created Samurai X (the English dubbed form of RK) some time ago, and it has been shown in that form in many countries. Now Sony is in negotiation with an unnamed distributor who may release the show or manga in the US, though nothing is definite at this point. Sony and CPE Vision have told fansubtitlers Shinsengumi and other distributors to not release Kenshin.
CJo / Feb.4,1999
Because of Sony's warnings, the fansub group "ShinSenGumi" (formerly Hecto) have stopped distributing their fansubs of the anime "Rurouni Kenshin".
Sony is going further in their plans to bring "Rurouni Kenshin" here to NorthAmerica, cancelling the distribution of all fansubs. The show will be brought over under the name of "SamuraiX" (yuck!), however it is not known yet when the show will be brought over and dubbed. It is also not known yet whether it will be shown on TV or released as tapes. I guess time will tell...
Nadya / Feb.2,1999
ADV Films has released their official release dates of some more anime. The original Dirty Pair OAV series and Those Who Hunt Elves will be released starting this May.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Jan.31,1999
ADV Films will be releasing Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) starting this spring.
Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Jan.23,1999
Central Park Media has licensed Slayers Next (due to be released in April) and the new Record of Lodoss War TV series.
CJo / Jan.22,1999
Dragon Ball Z is being shown across the country uncut and undubbed on the International Channel. Check your local cable provider to see if you get it. It is on at 6p.m. pacific time on sundays.
Tokemyoak / Dec.13,1998
ADV Films announced in November that they have the rights to Queen Emeraldas, another creation of Leiji Matsumoto's. It is to be released in the summer of 1999.

Jay Dee Archer [mail] / Dec.12,1998
Media Blasters officially annouced they own US rights to both seasons: All 49 eps. of Magic Knights Rayearth, earlier this week. This is definetly exciting news, as Rayearth is already a VERY popular series amongst American otaku. According to the press release the series should be availible around 9/99, the series is being translated possibby to be aired on TV (I certainly hope the content will stay as intact as to the original version as possible!)
Jonah / Dec.9,1998
Sony Imageworks has completed a model of a new ship called the 'MSC Galaxy' for the upcoming live action "Mobile Suit Gundam" series that begins shooting in the US in March.
I have seen the model and it looks awesome! Rumor around the studio is that all of the Gundam mecha will be computer generated.
thunderthud / Nov.21,1998
In my area, a public television station broadcasts one hour of Anime on Sunday night. They started with Robotech (Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada) and then showed Tenchi Muyo TV, Urusei Yatsura, and now Key: The Metal Idol. The station is KTEH in San Jose California. I support them with monetary contribution ($125.00 a year! For this I got a Ryo Ohki doll! Kawaii!). Ask your public station to look at KTEH's anime service! Demand Anime!

RadHaz / Nov.18,1998

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